PR Policy

PR Policy:
Impatient Person is a PR friendly blog. All opinions are solely mine and one should not force me to write something against my will. Hence, I own all the rights to share negatives and positives of the product(s). Anything marked with an asterix (*) will indicate that the product has been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration. I only accept samples that I believe are fitting with the rest of my blog content and as with everything I discuss on my blog, my opinions will remain 100% honest.

Impatient Person is my personal blog where I share reviews, tips, daily life stories and much more. I'm the only author of this blog, therefore, all the posts are written by me. All the pictures used on this blog are taken and edited by me unless mentioned. Hence, no one’s allowed to use the content or pictures of this blog without my permission.  Honesty is my policy; all of my reviews are honest and unbiased.

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