Elmore's Purifying and Cooling Face Washes

Elmore contacted me last month and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their latest launches. I had to review these products this past week but could not as I was unwell. Please bear in mind that I have not tried this brand before, but I am well aware that most of their products are pretty economical. You could get a decent face wash in PKR 200. I tried the purifying face wash yesterday, and it cleaned my face pretty well; my skin felt hydrated and soft after the very first application. It comes in a gel form, and you only need a small dollop to cover your entire face. Please be aware that it soaks all the moisture as it's for oily skin.

Review: Garnier's Hydra Bomb Masks

A lot of things went bad these past days, and I had no option but to accept them. I was utterly distressed throughout the month. I adore reading books but could not start a new one as I was emotionally unstable. Anyway, you must be aware of the fact that skincare products are a bit expensive, but I was pretty astonished when I came across Garnier's Hydra Bomb sheet masks. I'm a humongous fan of skincare products, and I already own quite a lot of sheet masks as they work well and are pretty inexpensive. However, I was pretty sceptical as I have oily skin and moisturisers or hydrating serums do not work well for me; I get zits all over my face. 

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