Review: Bio Oil

It took me a while to get back to the blog as I was engrossed in various fruitless and time-consuming activities; I cannot really mention them at the moment, but I shall disclose them in one of my forthcoming blog posts. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the fact that I went to the launch party of Bio Oil in the month of March; it was a pleasant event. I have been testing this product ever since I received it, and I am certainly ready to pass my verdict. I applied it for the first time back in the month of April, and it felt quite greasy on my face. Moreover, please be aware that the aroma of this product is unpleasant, and you won't be able to tolerate it if you do not approve of chamomile. I personally loathe chamomile as it becomes unbearable after a couple of minutes.

Beauty Blender Pakistan

I was extremely excited when I received a PR package from Cosmo Group the other day. One of their team members contacted me this past week and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their latest launches. I honestly could not believe my eyes and instantly accepted the offer as I'm a massive fan of Beauty Blender. I pinched myself when I stumbled upon their official page a while back; they have recently launched all sorts of Beauty Blenders and Blender Cleansers in Pakistan. You could easily visit Scentsation, Amethyst spa or to grab your favourite items. The sponge itself comes in many different colours and sizes, but I personally adore the pink one as it's the oldest.

Review: Bourjois Paris Rouge Laque Liquid Lipsticks

You must be aware of the fact that I adore Bourjois Paris with all my heart and soul; I have been using their products ever since I passed high school. It's a very reputable and old brand, and I'm pleased to state that they have launched a brand new collection called 'Rouge Laque'. The collection is available at Boots, Wojooh, Naheed, Imtiaz, and a few other stores. I received mine from Dubai, but you could purchase yours from the mentioned shopping portals.

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