Bio Oil's Launch Party

I have not been reading much lately even though I have to finish a lot of titles this year. I started reading the King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard back in the month of February, but could not finish it as it was extremely flat. Anyway, this particular post is all about a brand called Bio Oil; they have recently launched their products in Karachi. I went to the launch party as I'm a massive fan of healing ointments. Bio oil is for all those beautiful souls who feel insecure and imperfect because of their scars; accidents happen, and we cannot part ourselves from the reality. Hence, you ought to try this product if you have any sort of scars or burn marks.

Education is a Fundamental Right ft Seelogic Productions

I cannot see hope amidst the citizens of Pakistan, but some are still striving to make it a better place. While driving through the city, I still witness many souls who wander aimlessly in hopes of getting a piece of bread. None have sufficient resources to educate their children or to work in an appropriate place. Hence, I came to the conclusion that the whole cycle's corrupted. Those who are rich are getting richer day by day, whereas, the needy ones are still suffering. It shatters my heart to see children roaming around their lady bosses in the malls.

Skin Food Dark Circle Concealer Cream

A lot of individuals have been asking me to post more about Korean products as they're a novelty in Pakistan. I firmly believe that we require some sort of pampering products to make us look presentable. Depression and anxiety play a massive role in our lives; nothing can help you look better if you're mentally unhealthy. Hence, you ought to address your mental issues. Anyway, I have been testing and trying new products ever since I came across Jolse and YesStyle; my elder sister is into Korean skincare and beauty products, so it gets easier for me to pay via PayPal.

Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask

It took me a while to get back to the blog as I was critically ill. I have to finish a hundred books this year, but I do not think I can proceed as I'm not entirely well. I had to leave my books and blog aside so I could get better; I needed some time to overcome my problems. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the fact that I am obsessed with the skincare products. Face masks make me happy as they soothe my skin and help me relax a bit. I could not control my joy when I saw L'Oreal's latest skincare products; the charcoal one caught my eye as it clarifies and detoxifies the skin. Unfortunately, I have oily and blemished skin; I also have a bunch of blackheads on my nose, and it gets difficult for me to remove them as some of them are quite old. I have tried all sorts of cleansers and scrubs, but they're quite unyielding.

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