Happy New Year to each one of you; may all of your wishes come true. 2016 has taught me a bunch of brutal lessons, and I intend to carry the knowledge forever. Moreover, I shall endeavour to read a hundred books in 2017 as I have acquired quite a lot this past year. I used to finish 2 books every week, but things got a little complicated ever since I got hitched. Unfortunately, you cannot focus on one particular task when you have a thousand different things to worry about. Hence, I have left some of my favourite books for 2017 so I could devour them with pleasure.

Review: Bourjois Paris Rogue Edition Lipstick

2016 was all about bold eyes and sparkly face; it was a fantastic year for all makeup enthusiasts as a lot of different brands came out with a bunch of exciting products. I've spent a lot on makeup and books this year, and I am glad that I worked overtime to get what I wanted. I'd like you to know that the winter season is my favourite from the lot. Who doesn't like Christmas? I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, and the best part is that I get to eat as much as I want.

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