Kate 15th Collection by Rimmel London

I've been investing a lot of time in reading books nowadays. The Twilight Saga is undoubtedly one of my favourite series; I was not satisfied with the movies, but obediently read all 4 books as I adore Edward and Bella Cullen.
Stephenie Meyer is not my favourite author, but her books are an acceptable piece of literature. Anyway, today's post is all about a brand called 'Rimmel London'. You must be aware of the fact that the drugstore has a bunch of different brands, but Rimmel is my favourite from the lot.

I own several different lipsticks by Rimmel London as they are inexpensive and easily accessible. Kate Moss is my favourite model of all time; she recently completed her 15 years with Rimmel and launched a new lipstick collection called 'Kate 15th'. The collection altogether consists of 4 different shades and I received 2 of them in the morning. I have exhibited Kate's new lipsticks on the top of my vanity as they seem extremely decorative. The second best thing that I like about these lipsticks is that they contain a mouth-watering scent. I do not like products that have a lot of scent in them, but these lipsticks are an exception. The fragrance of Kate's lipsticks reminds me of cupcakes; I ought to have one as I didn't have anything for dinner and it's nearly one in the morning. Furthermore, I adore lipsticks that have eye-catching shells; rose gold is certainly new to me as most of my lipsticks are of black colour.

Moreover, Rimmel London has the most pigmented lipsticks in the entire world; one swipe could cover your entire lips. I am very partial to matte lipsticks, but I could not stop myself from falling in love with  these even though they have a glossy finish. Kate Moss loves donning nudes and reds; she incorporated 4 of her favourite shades in this collection. The ones I received are 'Muse Red' and 'Boho Nude'.

Key Points:
1. Light in weight
2. Long lasting
3. Good pigmentation
4. Inexpensive and easily accessible
5. Adorable packaging

Availability: Max, Lifestyle, Boots, Naheed supermarket, Imtiaz.
Price: AED 45
That's pretty much for now. I hope you lovely lasses like my post and I shall see you in the next one.
Recommended - 5/5


  1. These look so worth the bucks. Loving the packaging and both the shades are gorgeous.

  2. Love the shades you got and you're right they're super long lasting and just lovely! :D <3

  3. OMG, what a lovely and pretty shades, both are super cool. Nice review <3


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