Review: Rimmel London's Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss

I got engaged this past week, and I have no words to describe my joy; it was an unforgettable night. I was engrossed in various different activities and had no time to update my blog. I do have a lot of details in my pocket that I want to share; I shall endeavour to post a separate article so you could grasp my thoughts accurately.

Kate 15th Collection by Rimmel London

I've been investing a lot of time in reading books nowadays. The Twilight Saga is undoubtedly one of my favourite series; I was not satisfied with the movies, but obediently read all 4 books as I adore Edward and Bella Cullen.

Palmat By Practk

 I could not write a blog post last week as I was utterly engrossed in reading some of my favourite books by Judith Mcnaught.

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