Happy New Year to each one of you; may all of your wishes come true. 2016 has taught me a bunch of brutal lessons, and I intend to carry the knowledge forever. Moreover, I shall endeavour to read a hundred books in 2017 as I have acquired quite a lot this past year. I used to finish 2 books every week, but things got a little complicated ever since I got hitched. Unfortunately, you cannot focus on one particular task when you have a thousand different things to worry about. Hence, I have left some of my favourite books for 2017 so I could devour them with pleasure.

Review: Bourjois Paris Rogue Edition Lipstick

2016 was all about bold eyes and sparkly face; it was a fantastic year for all makeup enthusiasts as a lot of different brands came out with a bunch of exciting products. I've spent a lot on makeup and books this year, and I am glad that I worked overtime to get what I wanted. I'd like you to know that the winter season is my favourite from the lot. Who doesn't like Christmas? I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, and the best part is that I get to eat as much as I want.

November: Monthly Favourites

I’m still reading the last book of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan; I am pleased to state that the last part of the series is quite intriguing as it has a bunch of twists and turns. Do not compare it with the Harry Potter series but do purchase it if you're interested in Greek mythology. I crave adventure and want all of my books to be fascinating. 

Oriflame Cosmetics: Initial Thoughts

I have not been reading much lately even though I usually finish 2 books in a week. I’d like you to know that I am currently reading the last book of the Percy Jackson series. I have been comparing it with the Harry Potter series by Rowling, but it disappointed me on so many levels. Anyway, I shall be writing a detailed blog post on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series very soon. I've been enumerating the negatives ever since I started reading the first book of the series; I still require a couple of days to publish my verdict.

Review: Sigma Beauty Brushes

All Hallows Eve and winter holidays are just around the corner, and I am sorely tempted to post some spooky and fall appropriate articles. Furthermore, I'm pleased to announce that I am currently reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan; I have been receiving a lot of messages regarding books, and I promise that I shall henceforth endeavour to post book reviews. I have recently finished the second book of the series; I was expecting a bit more adventure as individuals compare Percy Jackson with Harry Potter.

Review: Rimmel London's Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss

I got engaged this past week, and I have no words to describe my joy; it was an unforgettable night. I was engrossed in various different activities and had no time to update my blog. I do have a lot of details in my pocket that I want to share; I shall endeavour to post a separate article so you could grasp my thoughts accurately.

Kate 15th Collection by Rimmel London

I've been investing a lot of time in reading books nowadays. The Twilight Saga is undoubtedly one of my favourite series; I was not satisfied with the movies, but obediently read all 4 books as I adore Edward and Bella Cullen.

Palmat By Practk

 I could not write a blog post last week as I was utterly engrossed in reading some of my favourite books by Judith Mcnaught.

Review: Sensibio H2O by Bioderma

I have finished reading 'Me Before You' by 'JoJo Moyes'; I could not stop sobbing like an infant. You ought to grab it if you adore sad or depressing books. I shall not read the second part even though I'd like to know a bit more about Clark and her journey.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Launch Party

I had no time this week as I was rereading all of my HP novels. I did not want to proceed ahead without finishing the previous novels. A lot of book tubers and book bloggers were ecstatic for the launch of Harry Potter's 8th instalment. We've been counting days as Rowling revealed that the book would launch on Harry's birthday. We gathered at my friend's place and went to DMC together as we wanted to have an unforgettable experience.TDF arranged an exclusive meet up for the bloggers, and one of my friends managed to secure a spot for me. However, I did not want to leave the queue so I sent my friends to join the lot; they had free chicken and a goody bag full of Harry Potter goodies. I really missed this one, did I not? Anyway, I was desperate for the book but there were multiple queues so they asked me to wait for my turn. To my utter surprise, the mall was fully crowded. Individuals were dressed up in robes; some of them were casting spells while others were dozing off in the queues. Furthermore, the Cakery was offering free cookies to everyone; a witch offered me her cauldron and gave me 2 instead of one. Perhaps she thought I was as attractive as Professor Lockhart.

Johnson's Cleansing Wipes

I have been getting a lot of questions about what camera and phone I use to click my photographs. I'd like you to know that I'm planning to write a post about how I edit and take my shots.

SNM Summer'16 Vol 2 Collection


I've encountered a lot of lasses who are coming up with their own blogs; there is absolutely no harm in initiating a blog as long as you're willing to maintain it. The blogosphere requires a lot of hard work and time. 

Review: Bourjois Paris La Laque Gel Collection

Eid Mubarak to each one of you; I hope you had an outstanding week with your loved ones. Unfortunately, I was sick and could not celebrate with my family. I did not mind being in bed as my books agreed to accompany me throughout the ordeal. I am certainly a lucky soul. Furthermore, I'm very tempted to post a review of the Selection series as I'm obsessed with the main leads. Keep an eye out for that.

Review: L'Oreal Paris Oil-In-Cream

I'd like to keep my mane firmly attached to my head as I despise bald individuals. My sincere apologies if I sound blunt or sarcastic. L’Oreal Paris recently came out with a new product that claims to have 6 nutritive oils.

Review: Bourjois Paris Souffle de Velvet (5 shades)

You must be aware that I work for two different magazines. It gets difficult for me to maintain a balance between my blog and work, but I shall henceforth endeavour to post more often. I'd like you to know that I've made a schedule for my forthcoming blog posts.

Review: Sally Hansen's Nude Collection

I have a 100 different nail polishes stored in my closet. I do not apply them on a daily basis as they make my nails weak and yellow. I did try a few treatments this past year, but none worked well for me.

The Body Shop Pakistan: Mother's Day Celebration

Sudden surprises please me the most. The Body Shop is my all time favorite brand and I do appreciate the fact that TBS is against the idea of testing their products on animals, and all of their ingredients are extracted from natural resources. I use MAC even though they test on animals, but we need brands like TBS to put an end to this trend. Furthermore, the people who run TBS in Pakistan are so generous. Najaf Ali, who's the owner of Constantine PR, was not present in Karachi when we went out to avail the offer, but he made things easier for all of us.

You cannot go around and ask the manager of a shop to let you avail a voucher worth 10,000 PKR; Aesha and Najaf have a deep reverence for our beloved mothers, as they treated us well even though they were not physically present in Karachi. My mother was overjoyed when I took her to the mall; she bought all of her favorite beauty products from TBS. Our bill exceeded as we went a little crazy, but the day ended with a fat grin on my mother's face. I'd like to thank TBS and Constantine PR for all of their kind efforts. My mother sat with the whole family and gaily informed them that a few of her friends were extremely jealous when she told them about her mother's day present. I'm so grateful to the Body Shop for giving me this amazing opportunity. I go to different events and we often get a bucket full of goodies. However, by letting our mothers shop freely, they've made this event a very special one, and I shall cherish this memory forever. 

Now that I've told you everything about my experience, let's talk about the products my mom bought with her voucher.

I asked her to grab something from the Body Shop's Vitamin C collection as it's specifically formulated for a dull, tired and grumpy skin. Vitamin C works well for each and every individual; it reduces acne and gives your skin a luminous effect. 

My mother is a humungous fan of lipsticks and she wanted to get many that day. I stopped her so she could get some skincare products. I was not in favor of a lipstick, but she bought one anyway.

I've never heard of their Pomegranate collection before, but this particular product is specifically formulated for people who are over 40 years old. It's basically an anti-ageing product. I'm not certain about the results, but will keep you posted on Twitter.

All of my family members enjoy using different types of masks. I once bought some snail masks from Korea, and we had so much fun with them as they were full of snail slime. It may sound a little unpleasant, but snail slime has a lot of benefits. Anyway, the Body Shop's Nutriganics Smoothing Mask is a cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  Also, it helps in reducing the signs of ageing.

Last but not the least, I'd like to thank Mahnoor for being so kind to me; I wish I could see her in person. That’s pretty much for now. I shall see you in one of my next posts, and I hope you lovely lasses enjoy reading my articles. Also, wish me luck for my finals as my next exam is on 24th of May.

Until next time! 

Review: Du'vi Stockholm

A charming lad made me uncomfortable by passing a few comments on my face. I wonder if he was blind as my face is full of painful pimples for some unknown reason. I speak as if I just came through the door of the Victorian era. I adore Britons with all my heart and soul and I wish I could speak in pure British.

Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I’ve read thousands of books, but only a few authors managed to touch my heart and soul; I’m pleased to announce the fact that Cassandra Clare is one them. Cassie likes to play with our fragile hearts, and she tore my heart into a million pieces in one of her series called ‘The Infernal Devices’; I got so involved and attached with one of her main leads that I nearly lost my mind when he died at the end of the book.

Best Products of 2015

With each passing year, we move forward with a bundle of bittersweet memories. 2015 has been the best so far as I managed to engage myself in so many mundane activities; I am a very private person, and I spend a lot of time in reading books that are written by British authors. I mainly focus on British English, because I want my content to be impeccable. Books have played a massive role in my life; I firmly believe that they make you a better person. Before proceeding any further, I would like to mention a few facts about myself - I usually refrain from making any new friends for no particular reason. All of my family members often urge me to embrace new things, but I recoil from all those novel experiences as I like to cling to whatever I already have. I strongly believe that there's no place for pretense in my life. I do not have any New Year resolutions to share with you all as I do not desire any changes in my life. Happy New Year to each one of you; may all of your wishes come true. There's no harm in making changes in your life as long as you are ready and capable of accepting them. Anyway, I came across a lot of new products this past year, and I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you all.


Bourjois Paris went all festive last year and came out with their Christmas collection called 'Night Lights in Paris'. I appreciate the fact that Bourjois is an inexpensive brand, and they do have a phenomenal range of products. Now, I always mention the fact that I adore bold and bright lip colors, so trust me when I'm saying that I could not stop wearing this lipstick ever since I received it. I have been looking for a perfect formula since so long, but could not find one until December. The liquid lipsticks that I own from other brands are not wearable, and I am planning to throw them into the bin as they make my lips dry. However, the Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick by Bourjois feels soft on my lips; it is transferable, but won't cause you any pain. It's certainly the most comfortable liquid lipstick I've ever tried. This particular lipstick is available in various different colors, but the one I own is in shade 'Pure Red'. You ought to try this product if you love liquid lipsticks. Furthermore, I'm not much of an eye shadow person, and I refrain from investing in any sort of eye pigments. However, I do enjoy wearing a couple of shades such as golden and silver. I always end up looking like a raccoon whenever I make an unsuccessful attempt to do smoky makeup. I cannot even recall the times I wore this particular product last year. I am impressed and satisfied with the quality of this palette as all of the eye shadows are highly pigmented.


Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm cosmetics stole my heart. I cannot even recall the times I wore this particular highlighter this past year. Even when I skipped highlighting my cheekbones, I wore it all over my eyelids. Mary Lou is a pale golden highlighter that you can wear on a daily basis; you can switch from medium to heavy application depending on your mood. Most of the highlighters are expensive, but Mary Lou, on the other hand, is easily accessible and budget friendly. 

I received a couple of products from Sigma Beauty last year, but I could not post anything about them as I was busy with some other stuff. I have been using the E39 brush by Sigma Beauty to blend and buff my eye shadows; it can be used to smudge the lower lash line as well. I personally feel that all of the brushes by Sigma Beauty are multifunctional and can be used for various different purposes. Furthermore, I tried a few brushes from ‘Morphe’ last year, but they failed to impress me. I refrain from investing in cheap eye brushes, and I always buy the ones that are soft and reliable. People at Sigma Beauty were kind enough to send me a bunch of different pamphlets and instruction manuals, and I was pleased when I read that all of their brushes get 8 coats of paint. After searching and reading for two whole days, I finally came to the conclusion that their brushes are unbeatable.


I am a lipstick hoarder; I invest most of my money in lip products. I tried a few red lipsticks last year, and this particular lipstick was one of them. I came across this lipstick when I was searching for a wine red lipstick; I was looking for a dupe of Wet n Wild’s Cinnamon Spice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a similar shade, but I do not regret buying this one. MAC’s Studded Kiss is a wine red lipstick with a hint of purple shade; it’s basically a lighter version of MAC’s Diva. You ought to give this lipstick a go if you are a fan of vampy lipsticks like me.


I got a lot of nail polishes from OPI last year, and most of them were dark and bold. OPI contacted me last year and asked if I would be interested in trying their Venice collection. Before proceeding any further, I would like to mention a fact that I am a humongous fan of Venice city; it’s my dream to visit it one day. I was pleased when I got my hands on 3 different nail polishes from OPI’s Venice collection; red is not my favorite color, but I always gravitate towards it whenever I look for a lipstick or a nail polish. The nail polish that I am talking about is called ‘Amore at The Grand Canal’, and it’s definitely the best red nail polish I’ve ever tried. I’d recommend you to go for it if you’re into bold nail paints like me.

That’s pretty much for now. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!

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