I hope you all are doing well. I was apprehensive about buying this product because I thought it would be as bad as the ones I had tried earlier. The only thing that caught my eye was its description. Yes, it is specifically formulated for blemished skin. Please keep reading if you're interested in learning more about this product.
What it claims:
Perfect your complexion and fight the look of blemishes with our Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. This dual action cream gives you flawless coverage whilst tackling the appearance of blemishes. Formulated with purifying Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya.

1)     Blemishes and imperfections are instantly covered

2)   Lightweight formula gives shine-free complexion

3)   3 shades blend seamlessly into all skin tones for natural-looking coverage

Packaging and color description:
The tube is of green color, and you can easily carry it in your bag as it is really small and travel friendly. They give you 40 ml in £8, which is a bit pricey but totally worth a try. Moreover, the bodyshop’s tea tree flawless bb cream comes in 3 different shades; I have 01 which is the lightest one. You can go for 02 if you're a little tanned or have medium skin tone. The 3rd one is the darkest shade and can be used for contouring as well.
My thoughts:
I fancy the idea of wearing bb creams as they are pretty light in weight. Yes, I do have a lot of imperfections, but bb creams are just so much better than everything else. It's really hard to find a holy grail nowadays since there are a lot of different products in the market, and it gets really hard for beauty lovers like us to pick one. I like to wear minimal makeup on my face as I am more into lip products. I have this strange perception that a bold pout can do wonders even if you have unveiled scars, zits or any other imperfections. We all are unique in our own different ways, so yes our thoughts cannot be similar. This bb cream sets into a matte finish, and it didn’t make my face shine like a greasy pan. The texture is extremely creamy and buttery, and I blend it with my fingers as it is the easiest way to blend a bb cream. The lasting power is not good as it stays on my face for only an hour or two.
However, this product is not for you if you have a lot of imperfections to hide since the coverage is pretty sheer. I do not mind using it with a bit of concealer since I prefer bb creams over foundations. It didn't clog my pores as it's really light in weight, and has tea tree oil in it which is beneficial for the ones who have acne. The bodyshop’s tea tree flawless bb cream smells like tea tree oil. The fragrance might be a little overpowering for the ones who are not into scented products. However, I do not mind having scents in my beauty products, and this one to be precise, is a bit refreshing.
You might like it if you're a skin freak like me. I always end up with a million zits on my face just because I love junk food. The body shop never lets me down, and this is the only reason of why I have purchased the entire tea tree range.

  • Refreshing scent
  • Best for acne prone/blemished skin
  • Good texture
  • Easily available
  • Travel friendly

  • Pricey
  • Sheer coverage

Final verdict:
Overall, I love this product. Give it a go if you have acne prone/blemished skin. I got mine for PKR 1650 from Naheed supermarket. You can get yours from any TBS outlet, Naheed supermarket or You can now avail 5% off site wide on when you use my code (J4GIP5) at checkout.

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!

4/5 – recommended


  1. Ive heard so much about this baby, but its too pricey for a teenager like me who depends on the pocket money, this bb is so my need as my skin is prone to acne and have new white and black heads every other day *let me tell my mom how good it is* #IYKWIM ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Haha! Yes, you should tell your mum. ^-^

  2. Ignoring the cons because it is good for blemishes yaaay yet another tbs product which has the power to overcome my blemishes ♥
    Thankew for the review love

  3. I love body shop products though they are pricey๐Ÿ˜Š nice review.

  4. I love this BB cream and use it almost every day myself but I find it makes my skin look and feel dry at times :( I love the cool feeling it has on your skin when you apply it though and how it stays completely matte and locked on your skin! LoveYourBlog❤

  5. I love BB creams. I am currently obsessed with Tartes BB Cream. You should def try it out!


  6. I swatched all three shades but sadly none was a match to me. I wanted to try it out but now I have moved on with BB creams because there are so many lightweight mineral foundations available in market with SPF which feel like a second skin..

  7. It seems really good, definitely give it a try after finishing my current bb creams :)

  8. It is pricey but sounds good!

  9. i have been hearing a lot about this bb cream. i think it will be great for day wear.

  10. I am a huge lover of body shop tea tree products..Would try it also.

  11. This definitely looks promising :) Thanks for the review! xx

  12. I prefer tea tree oil for my sensitive acne prone skin too and yeah a bold lip does wonders :) I am disappointed with the lasting power for this price though. Definitely something only for the good skin days -Sadaf

  13. The BB cream sounds good for oily to combination skin. I have very dry skin so would skip it. You did very nice detailed review.

  14. I love BB creams but I am not a fan of sheer finish and the lasting power of this cream is not very appealing so I'll let it pass. :) xx

    Momina Haseeb @ เน‘ Divine Smudge เน‘

  15. love it!

  16. Sounds like a great product but the coverage is a bit too sheer for my liking. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I swear by my Garnier BB cream for every day wear and I don't think I will ever try another one. I just love it soo much!!!

  18. I have been eyeing this product and only reluctant cuase of the sheerness...going to go check it out againa :)

    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  19. I love BB cream as they give light coverage, and feel light. Sheer coverage is a problem otherwise I liked body shop BB Cream. Especially packing is love.

  20. Awesome review! Thanks for posting it! Following you on GFC hope you'll follow us back!


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