Hello foodies!
I hope you all are doing well. My today’s post is about a website that you all are familiar with. Yup, you got it right, I am talking about – an online delivery service that offers you food from all those restaurants who cater in your area. Food panda is operating in more than 40 countries at the moment, and fortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries.  Nobody’s asking you to limit your options when you can try different cuisines and flavors through a single website, and you no longer have to wait for boring hotlines to pick up your call as well, which for me, is a plus point. I am a big time foodie, and my dream is to explore the world and try new food every day. I am always ready to try something new, and food panda is here to fulfil my food cravings. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first heard about this website.
I ordered food from last night when I had nothing to eat for dinner. I was craving for a slice of pizza, so I wasted no time and placed my order. When I first opened the site, I had to enter my city and area so that food panda could filter the results for me.
I had more than 80 options on my screen, along with the delivery charges, delivery time, and minimum delivery amount. I decided to stay on the safe side so I went for Domino’s. I ordered a large pizza, along with a 1.5 liter drink. And then I was asked to register on the website so that they could note down my address and other details. Trust me guys, is completely safe. You can actually trust them with your personal details. Anyway, coming back to what I was saying, I received a confirmation message after a while stating that my order was confirmed. The whole process was of 5 minutes. I had to wait for about 40 minutes before getting my hands on the food. The food was fresh and hot, and it took me 20 minutes to consume 3 slices of the pizza. There you go, have a laugh on me. Yes, you got me here – I was craving for a single slice, but I couldn’t stop myself from eating almost half of it. You can most certainly blame the melted cheese for making me eat like that.

What did I order?
I ordered Tex-Mex chicken which was of 13 inches from Domino’s.
How to order – step by step
Step # 01
Go to and enter your city and location.
Step # 02
Choose a restaurant from the filtered results.
Step # 03
Choose whatever you like.
Step # 04
Click the ‘proceed to checkout’ button which is on the right side.
Step # 05
Review your order and checkout.

Step # 06
Fill out the form and place your order.

Final verdict
You see, it’s that simple. Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned above and get yourself some amazing food within an hour. I had an amazing experience with You don’t have to go outside to get your lunch/dinner when you can ask food-panda to do the job for you. They’ll bring you the food at your doorstep.
Apart from that, has launched its mobile application for android and iOS users. You can download it through the following links:-
I hope you like my post. Please, stay tuned for more updates, and thank you so much for reading.
Rating: 5/5 - Recommended





  1. Seems like a good site for ordering food online. Thanks for this helpful post.

  2. This site is really amazing for ordering food. Great post :)

  3. That´s a nice website! Seems really simple to order food! Yummy! Thanks for your comment! :)

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  5. never ordered from them looks so easy :D

  6. This website is such an ease and a great innovation. I have once thought of ordering from this but felt a bit hesitant and ordered directly from the branch. But you have put up such a good review. Now I will definitely try this foodpanda. :D Thanks

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