Review: The Body Shop Black Musk



I am finally back with a new post for you all. I made a schedule and vowed to myself that I would post some fall appropriate posts, but I couldn't fulfil my promise as I was busy with my finals. Also, I’d like to thank the founders and administrators of PBS for their love and support; we are certainly lucky to have Maliha Rao and Rabiyah Tungekar as our mentors. I personally adore both of them as they inspired me to start my very own blog.
Moving on to the meet up, a few days back, I was invited at the launch of the Black Musk by The Body Shop Pakistan. A bunch of people from Constantine PR along with Najaf and Aiesha came all the way from Islamabad to Karachi so they could organize a fun activity for all of us. The beauty bees of Karachi gathered up to play a treasure hunt sort of game. I was teamed up with the lovely Jadirah and Umaima, and we were asked to look for a handful of ingredients that are present in the Black Musk. I never thought of running in DMC with no shoes on, but we played well and completed the task in 14 minutes. I'm under the impression that I've given you enough information about the meetup, and we should proceed ahead to the review as I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all.
I'm addicted to scents that are floral and sweet. All of my perfumes are infused with a mixture of fruits and flowers. Hence, you cannot even begin to imagine how excited I was when I tested the Black Musk, and was informed of the fact that this particular scent is the rarest of all as it has 3 different notes. I usually refrain from going into the depths of the ingredients. However, this time I was intrigued and wanted to know more when they described a few facts about the Black Musk. You should be aware of the fact that the smell of a perfume is utterly intense when sprayed on the pulse point. I sprayed a little on my left wrist and rubbed it with the other one; the aroma that I inhaled was sweet, but it only lasted for a few minutes, and then it turned into something spicy. As I’ve stated before, the Black Musk is made up of 3 different notes; the top notes are of Bambinella Pear, Pepper and Bergamot. The only pears that I know of are green in color, and I've never heard of anything like a pink pear. It must be something unique as the scent is extremely sweet and mouth-watering. The middle notes, which are called the heart notes are of Liquorice Root and Heliotrope. Furthermore, the base notes are of Black Vanilla and Black Musk. I did a lasting power test and wore this perfume for almost 7 hours, surprisingly, the scent stayed intact. I do appreciate the fact that TBS is against the idea of testing their products on animals, and all of their ingredients are extracted from natural resources.
I have no issues with the packaging as this is exactly what I look for when I choose my perfumes; I despise the idea of having blingy bottles on my vanity. Hence, I always opt for the ones that are decent. You'd be pleased to know that they have 3 different versions of the Black Musk; the one I'm using is called Eau De Parfum, and the other 2 are called Eau De Toilette and Parfum Oil. If EDP is too strong for your taste, then I'd recommend you to try Eau De Toilette; I haven't tried it yet, but it is the lighter version of the original Black Musk. You get 50ml for PKR 6070, which is exceptionally pricey but totally worth a shot. You can buy it from any TBS outlet, Naheed supermarket or
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4/5 – Recommended

Review: Color Studio Pure Matte Lipsticks

Fall is just around the corner, and I am sorely tempted to bring you some fall appropriate posts even though my finals are so close. I am working on a few articles that I will be posting in November. Furthermore, you may have noticed by now that I've changed my background as I wanted to do something different for this particular post. I despise the idea of using textured backgrounds even though they look extremely pretty. I went to the shop to get some white sheets and ended up purchasing the textured ones. Do me a favor by stating your opinions in the comments below. Let's proceed ahead with the review as I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all.
The only thing that pleases me is the thought of buying lipsticks. I am certainly a mad head who likes to collect a bunch of different lipsticks even though I have a thousand already. Maliha Rao from gave me these 5 eye-catching lipsticks as I won one of her weekly giveaways on Instagram. Now, if you are not aware of who she is, allow me to give you a brief description; Maliha Rao is one of the admins of Pakistani beauty society, and even though she is the most experienced and well known blogger of Pakistan, she never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and generosity.
The very first thing that I would like to discuss is the fragrance of these lipsticks. I do appreciate having a little bit of scent in my lip products but too much of it can wreck the whole idea of buying that particular lipstick in the first place. With great pleasure, I would like to point out that all of these lipsticks smell like caramel. I truly think that this particular scent matches the one MAC uses in their lipsticks as both of the scents are almost identical. Also, I was relieved to see that most of the shades that I got in my bundle are dark and bold.
The packaging itself is of very good quality and the tube is made up of black glossy plastic. The lipsticks that I got from MAC are pretty heavy, but of course one can truly spot the difference as they are pretty expensive as compared to these. I have this odd habit of comparing brands and blabbing too much in all of my blog posts; bear with me as I'm an honest soul, and I really like the idea of talking to each one of you through my blog posts.
Let me remind you for the third time that I love matte lipsticks, and most of the lip products that I own are matte. I was never interested in purchasing lip glosses even though I like to wear those when I have extremely chapped lips. My point is that these lipsticks are extremely creamy even though they are matte. I did not face any trouble while applying them, and I also liked the fact that all of these are extremely pigmented. I despise the idea of dragging a lipstick on my lips as I cannot stand the ones that are hard to apply. I wore ‘Arabian red’ for about 5 hours and it stayed there without bleeding. Also, all of these lipsticks are made up of premium ingredients like bamboo extract and shea butter, so give them a go if you haven’t already.
I am not aware of how many shades they have, but I do know that their color range is phenomenal. The shades that I got in my bundle are: Duchess, Korean pop, Lolita, Pink latte and Arabian red.

137 Duchess is for all those who are in favor of muted peach lipsticks. I do like to wear coral lip balms in winter season, but I am not exactly a fan of orange lipsticks.

145 Korean pop is a warm toned orange. It’s perfect for all those who like to wear orange lipsticks, and this particular shade is pretty bright and would look good on any skin tone.

134 Pink latte is warm toned pink with a hint of mauve. I think it’s a beautiful shade and you should definitely give it a go.

146 Lolita is warm toned dusty pink. It’s basically a better version of my lips, and I’d be more than happy to incorporate it in one of my winter looks that I am planning to do.

129 Arabian red is a warm toned red. I fell in love with this color the moment I saw it. I am a huge fan of dark red lipsticks, and this particular shade is perfect for fall.

Final verdict:
All of these shades are available at Naheed supermarket, and each lipstick is of PKR 750. Grab a few lipsticks for yourself as they are really good.

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4.5/5 – recommended

MHS: Tale of a lipstick

I'm back with a new post for you guys. I was struggling with a creative block when this idea popped up in my mind, and I quickly decided that I should do a post on this particular topic. We all have times when we get super embarrassed because of our makeup, and I've had quite a few bad experiences in the past that I do not want to recall. But I'm willing to share a few with you guys. I do not want to sit in an award function with my liquid lipstick smeared all over my chin. No kidding, that really happened. I wore a simple look to Karawood International Film Festival Awards, and ended up looking like a vampire. I had my scarlet lipstick smeared all over my chin. The lipstick that I used was colourpop's ultra-matte lipstick in shade Avenue.
Let me remind you of the fact that I am in love with dark, bold and vampy lip colors, and I often buy them even though I have a thousand different shades already. I keep buying more and more, because I cannot have enough of those. I was not wearing a lip liner underneath my lipstick, and it turned out really bad after a couple of hours. I will not stop using this lipstick as I'm in love with the color, but I definitely need to look for a dupe as I cannot bear the thought of wearing it in a party. I was completely ticked off when I came back at home and saw my face in the mirror. It seemed as if I was drinking someone's blood at the function, and I felt so embarrassed. The only thing I care about is a bold pout; my looks are all about minimal makeup with a bold pout. Folks, this is not a tiny issue as a lot of you are buying these lipsticks through several different pages.
I cannot stop anyone from purchasing them, but be a little careful when you're getting your hands on a liquid lipstick. Never risk your life with a liquid lipstick when you're not sure of how it would turn out. Also, please keep in mind that it dried my lips so badly. It basically made my lines and cracks more visible, and that was certainly a huge disappointment. I do not feel like wearing these lipsticks anymore, but I've spent quite a fortune on these products, so I cannot throw them in the dustbin. However, from now on, I'll make sure that I have a small mirror in my purse so I can make myself look like a mortal again. I do not want to look like a vampire even though they're super-hot and attractive. All of this reminds me of Edward Cullen. So this is one of my makeup horror stories, which I really wanted to share on my blog. I'll keep posting more of these if you're interested in learning more about my makeup horror stories. Also, make sure you follow me everywhere if this cracked you up.

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I hope you all are doing well. I was apprehensive about buying this product because I thought it would be as bad as the ones I had tried earlier. The only thing that caught my eye was its description. Yes, it is specifically formulated for blemished skin. Please keep reading if you're interested in learning more about this product.
What it claims:
Perfect your complexion and fight the look of blemishes with our Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. This dual action cream gives you flawless coverage whilst tackling the appearance of blemishes. Formulated with purifying Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya.

1)     Blemishes and imperfections are instantly covered

2)   Lightweight formula gives shine-free complexion

3)   3 shades blend seamlessly into all skin tones for natural-looking coverage

Packaging and color description:
The tube is of green color, and you can easily carry it in your bag as it is really small and travel friendly. They give you 40 ml in £8, which is a bit pricey but totally worth a try. Moreover, the bodyshop’s tea tree flawless bb cream comes in 3 different shades; I have 01 which is the lightest one. You can go for 02 if you're a little tanned or have medium skin tone. The 3rd one is the darkest shade and can be used for contouring as well.
My thoughts:
I fancy the idea of wearing bb creams as they are pretty light in weight. Yes, I do have a lot of imperfections, but bb creams are just so much better than everything else. It's really hard to find a holy grail nowadays since there are a lot of different products in the market, and it gets really hard for beauty lovers like us to pick one. I like to wear minimal makeup on my face as I am more into lip products. I have this strange perception that a bold pout can do wonders even if you have unveiled scars, zits or any other imperfections. We all are unique in our own different ways, so yes our thoughts cannot be similar. This bb cream sets into a matte finish, and it didn’t make my face shine like a greasy pan. The texture is extremely creamy and buttery, and I blend it with my fingers as it is the easiest way to blend a bb cream. The lasting power is not good as it stays on my face for only an hour or two.
However, this product is not for you if you have a lot of imperfections to hide since the coverage is pretty sheer. I do not mind using it with a bit of concealer since I prefer bb creams over foundations. It didn't clog my pores as it's really light in weight, and has tea tree oil in it which is beneficial for the ones who have acne. The bodyshop’s tea tree flawless bb cream smells like tea tree oil. The fragrance might be a little overpowering for the ones who are not into scented products. However, I do not mind having scents in my beauty products, and this one to be precise, is a bit refreshing.
You might like it if you're a skin freak like me. I always end up with a million zits on my face just because I love junk food. The body shop never lets me down, and this is the only reason of why I have purchased the entire tea tree range.

  • Refreshing scent
  • Best for acne prone/blemished skin
  • Good texture
  • Easily available
  • Travel friendly

  • Pricey
  • Sheer coverage

Final verdict:
Overall, I love this product. Give it a go if you have acne prone/blemished skin. I got mine for PKR 1650 from Naheed supermarket. You can get yours from any TBS outlet, Naheed supermarket or You can now avail 5% off site wide on when you use my code (J4GIP5) at checkout.

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4/5 – recommended

Review: Jordana's matte lipstick

Jordana has recently launched in Pakistan, and I consider myself a lucky soul that I got to try some of their products through Jordana is a well-known American brand, and all of their products are super affordable. The products that I got in my parcel are: Jordana twist and shine moisturizing lip stain, matte lipstick, fabuliner, under-cover concealer and squeeze & shine lip gloss. Today, I am reviewing Jordana's matte lipstick in shade poppy pink for you all.
I worship matte lipsticks since they're long lasting. When I opened my parcel, my cheeks turned scarlet with joy as most of the products were for lips. I love lipsticks that are dark and dramatic. I like to wear bold colors as they complement my fair skin tone. I got Jordana's matte lipstick in shade poppy pink. Poppy pink is basically a dark pink/fuchsia shade. Now here comes the hard part, I do not like to wear pink lipsticks. Pink is just not my color when it comes to lips. However, I tried this lipstick several times for the sake of review. This particular lipstick is highly pigmented and it stained my lips even when it was fully gone. I wore it for about 6 hours, and it stayed there without bleeding. I never thought of trying Jordana before. I was really missing out as one who loves matte lipsticks cannot afford to miss these. They come with a small price tag, but the pigmentation is just out of this world. I'm more into deep reds and vampy shades, so I'm planning to try a few more bold colors. These lipsticks are made up of lightweight plastic; I'm afraid the plastic is not as good as the product itself. As far as the quality is concerned, it's amazing. For all those who are not in favor of scented lip products, these lipsticks are just for you. I do not mind having scents in my lip products as long as they're not overpowering.
  • Good quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available
  • Fragrance-free
  • Packaging
Final verdict:
I’d recommend you all to give these lipsticks a go. I am not a fan of pink lipsticks, but they have a huge variety of different colors starting from light to dark, so I can easily pick a few for myself. If you're into matte lipsticks and have limited money, do check Jordana. Jordana's full collection is available at and this particular lipstick is of PKR 442.

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!

4/5 – recommended
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Review: Tosowoong's pure snail mask

Wishtrend sent me a whole lot of different products. I wrote an article for them, so they gave me a coupon of $25 as a reward. The products that I got in my parcel are: 7 snail masks, 1 full size bottle of c20 serum, and some samples. I was literally jumping with joy when this massive parcel landed on my door step.

Korean face masks are super cheap, and they can make you look like a porcelain doll. I'm serious and not even kidding. My mum was making fun of me the other day, because I chose snails over everything else. There were certainly more eye catching ingredients, but I like to discover new products, so I went for this mask. Snail slime has some unique healing properties, and that is why it’s being used in various beauty products. Also, snail mucus played a significant role in ancient times. Hippocrates reportedly used crushed snails and sour milk to cure inflammation. The idea of using crushed snails is pretty gross. 

Let’s be honest, we don’t like to use products that are full of crushed insects. Pardon me, I didn't mean to make you sick. Being a Pakistani, we surely require some changes here. Yes, I was fascinated with the idea of using a snail mask, but had mixed thoughts when I was opening the very first sachet. Believe me, Tosowoong’s snail mask is so much better than everything else. This product is full of snail slime. I gave the first one to my mum as I wasn't sure if I should really put this thing on my face. Tosowoong’s pure snail mask is amazingly scented, I really loved its smell. One sheet contains a bucket full of different serums and snail slime. It's really gooey, so thumbs up if you're a fan of wet and sticky face products. I worship products that are thick and gooey. Joking aside, I really loved the smell and texture of this mask. It's really refreshing, and made my skin soft and clean. It worked well for my mother, so don't forget to gift one to your mum.

Unfortunately, I'm bankrupt and have no money to spend on anything at the moment. All of my pocket money is over, and now I'm left with a couple of coins only. Feel my pain! However, my mum promised that she would let me spend a huge chunk of change on Wishtrend really soon.

Final verdict:
All in all, I had an amazing experience with Wishtrend. I’d recommend you all to try this mask since it’s really good. You can get a bundle of 7 facemasks for $9.99 from I am planning to try some more Korean products, so watch this space for more amazing reviews.



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4.5/5 - Recommended



The Salt Secret

I hope the weather is treating you well. Hey, over 45°c is just too much, don't you think so? Anyway, I visited the salt secret a couple of weeks ago and it was certainly an unforgettable experience. I was completely frustrated and tired due to my exams. Hence, I had to relax my mind, so I went for a relaxing therapy. The therapy that I took was of 45 minutes and it was incredible. The hostess who invited me, welcomed me with open arms and she was extremely nice and friendly. I don't feel like visiting spas and salons because most of them are untidy and unorganized. I have this strange perception that most of the salons and spas are dirty as they don't wash their tools, and their chairs are full of dirt and dust. 
When I walked in, I was amazed to see the fact that it was squeaky-clean. The salt secret team takes good care of hygiene, they gave me a hair cap and covered my shoes with disposable shoe covers. How cool is that? The therapy room was undoubtedly a salty heaven, because everything was made up of Himalayan salt. The hostess, Rabia, asked me to inhale those salty fumes - I did what she asked me to do. Salt secret is not just for grownups, they have also made a separate kids area where my baby cousin had a lot of fun.  As I've mentioned before, I was in there for about 45 minutes, and then Rabia asked me to come out as my time was over. The level of my curiosity is way too high, and that's why I kept asking her different questions about the whole idea of introducing salt secret in Pakistan. And trust me folks, she patiently answered all of my queries.
I also spotted some unique products at the salt secret. They have salt soaps, salt masks, bathing salt, scented salt, salt tablets, salt lamps and etc. It’s very important for all of us to have a salt lamp. Salt lamps are effective only when they’re made up of pure Himalayan salt. Salt lamps are natural negative ion producers. Also, these negative ions are created by things like sunlight, storms, waves and etc. This is why people often report feeling refreshed after visiting a beach. All in all, negative ions have a positive effect on humans. The salt secret is offering a huge variety of salt lamps, and all of them are really inexpensive. I tried to capture everything for you guys. You need to visit this place as there are various benefits of salt. These salt therapies are best for the ones who have issues like sinus, asthma, bronchitis, stress, allergies, cold/flu and etc. The therapy room is fully air-conditioned and for those who cannot live without social media, they have Wi-Fi in there for your convenience.
Final verdict:
Unfortunately, we have limited options in Pakistan, but most of the European countries are well aware of salt therapies. I personally had a great time at the salt secret. I would recommend you all to visit them, since these therapies are completely organic and soothing. Also, they even gave me a goody bag which was full of edible salts. One therapy is of 45 minutes and costs PKR 2000/person. Do visit them for a change and say hello to Rabia on my behalf.





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Hey people!
I hope you all are doing well. A couple of days ago, I received a beautiful basket from Capri Pakistan and it was filled with lots of amazing products. Capri is one of the oldest brands of Pakistan, and my mum is a big fan of their soaps. Unfortunately, I don’t like to use facial bars, because they make my skin dry and itchy. None of the soaps that I tried were good enough for my skin. However, Capri Pakistan’s aloe nurture extracts soap is definitely a game changer. I am a skincare freak, and I look for products that are suitable for acne prone skin. I started using this soap and I was completely shocked to see the fact that it made my skin better. Capri aloe nurture extracts soap is made up of rich ingredients like aloe, honey and milk proteins. All of these ingredients are really good for skin. Capri soap is specifically formulated for the young women of Pakistan, and is suitable for all skin types. All in all, it’s an ideal option for sensitive skin. Capri has the ability to help women flaunt their pride and honor. Also, Capri wants the young women of Pakistan to cherish their natural beauty and feel comfortable no matter what.

What I got in my basket:
  • 2 capri aloe soaps.
  • 10 tea light candles
  • 1 sweet-touch nail polish.
  • 1 soap dish.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easily available.
  • Best for sensitive skin.
  • Good quality.
  • None 
That’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!

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I hope you all are doing well. I'm back with a new DIY post for you guys. I am one of those mad heads who love to pop zits and extract blackheads. I absolutely loathe blackheads. And trust me folks, I’ve tried all kinds of pore strips and pore masks. Unfortunately, none of them worked for me, so one of my friends suggested that I should try a mixture of toothpaste and shampoo for the removal of blackheads. I was seriously shocked when I heard her saying this, since toothpaste is used for teeth and shampoo for hair. However, I was curious to see the result so I did exactly what she asked me to do. I made a mixture of these 2 products and applied it on my nose for about 5 minutes. It worked! It actually worked for me. All of my blackheads were gone, and then I gave her a tight hug for this amazing home remedy. If you have a super cute but dirty nose, give this DIY a go!

Here's what you need:
1) A toothpaste (Preferably Colgate, it's my favorite toothpaste.)
2) Shampoo (I like Tresemme, but you can choose whatever you want.)
3) Bowl (This particular bowl belongs to my mommy so if I am using it, I have to wash it clean as well.)

Mix a little bit of toothpaste with a drop of shampoo in a bowl. Apply this mixture for about 5 minutes and voila you're done. Do try this DIY and let me know the results down below. Also, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It worked for me and it should work for you too.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!


Hey guys!

I hope you all are doing well. Masarrat Misbah has recently launched her very own makeup line and all of her products are super affordable. Today, I'm reviewing MM makeup's silk foundation in shade porcelain for you guys. I've been using it ever since I got it. I wanted to be completely honest, so I didn't stop using it even though I prefer BB creams over foundations.

What it claims:
This weightless liquid formula "tunes in" to you skin's need, controlling oil where there is a shine and moisturize where it's patchy for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage.

Packaging & Shade description:
I’m a big fan of black color. The packaging is extremely decent and classy. This foundation comes in a black box with a bit of golden here and there. The bottle itself is made up of glass, and comes with a black pump for our convenience. For me, this foundation is a steal at PKR 1100 since the packaging is up to the mark, and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. I own MM makeup’s silk foundation in shade porcelain. This foundation is available in 12 different shades with porcelain being the lightest and latte the darkest.

Here comes my favorite part - the texture of this foundation is extremely creamy and it feels really soft on my skin. Some foundations are extremely watery and are hard to handle, but MM makeup’s silk foundation is nothing like that. I usually blend this foundation with my fingers and it works pretty well for me.

My experience:
This foundation claims to be weightless, and trust me folks, it actually feels light on my skin. The most amazing thing about this foundation is that it stays on my face, and I feel as if this foundation is specifically formulated for the residents of Karachi. Nothing stays on my face no matter how hard I try. The first thing that clicked me is its staying power. You need to have a foundation that is long lasting, and this one lasted 6 hours for me. However, it's a little bit thick for my taste. I don't use foundations, perhaps that's why I'm more familiar with the texture of BB creams and not foundations. The second most important thing I liked about this product is that it didn't cause me any skin issues. I like to use products that are less oily. I face a lot of skin issues in summer season, and I look for products that are reliable. Yes, it's pretty obvious that I don't want my skin to break out. This foundation gives a matte finish and is suitable for all skin types. Also, it covers and conceals all imperfections, and there’s absolutely no need of using a concealer. I’ve been playing with this foundation ever since I got it, and I even tried covering a black painted heart with it. It worked pretty well for me. Also, one pump is more than enough since a little goes a long way.

  • Good quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Full coverage
  • Easily available
  • Weightless
  • Thick
Final verdict:
MM makeup’s silk foundation is of really good quality, and the price of each unit is PKR 1100. You might like it if you have a lot of imperfections to hide, or you’re looking for something reliable and inexpensive. I’d prefer you all to give it a go! The entire range of MM makeup is available at Depilex salon, Bahadurabad. You can also purchase your favorite products from

Recommended – 4/5
Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!
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Hey guys!
I hope you all are doing well. My today’s post is about Wishtrend; an online store that offers free worldwide shipping. They have various Korean brands available on their website. Korean beauty products are pretty popular since most of them are super effective. Unfortunately, Korean products are not available in Pakistan. However, you no longer have to limit your options when you can purchase your favorite products from Wishtrend. No shipping charges! How cool is that?
Wishtrend is offering a huge variety of products, I almost found everything that I have been looking for ages. Wishtrend deals in all types of skincare, makeup, body and hair care brands. The most famous and high-end brands are also available on their website. Klairs is a very popular Korean brand, and I found all of its amazing products on their website. I wish I could buy all of those amazing skin care products - yes, I'm mainly interested in skincare because my skin is acting a little weird these days. Wishtrend is your ultimate solution, ladies. They give a lot of samples for free even when you order a single product from their website. They're always ready to give extras to their customers which is definitely nice. I searched a bit before writing this post for you guys, and the most amazing products that I found on their website are:

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream:
Snail is such a cute insect. You got me here! I know it's the ugliest looking creature on planet earth, but snail mucus is known to contain nutrients and antioxidants. All in all, snails are good for skin. A few days back, Michelle Phan visited Seoul and she got tons of amazing yet weird beauty products from there; Mizon snail repairing gel was one of them. She encouraged us to try them as they're super effective. I am happy to announce that I can finally try my favorite snail cream as it’s available on Wishtrend. Watch this space for more updates.

Wonderful Pudding Mask With Booster Power:
Pudding? No, I'm not talking about a dessert here. There are so many different types of masks available on Wishtrend, and it's really hard to pick one since all of them are extremely cute. I’m planning to try the pudding one along with a few more.

Pink Mochie Nose Clear Pack:
I have lots of black heads on the tip of my nose. I've tried and tested all kinds of local pore masks, but none of them worked well for me. That’s why I'm planning to add this pink mochie nose clear pack into my shopping basket. Watch out this space for more information about this product. 
Best Things About Wishtrend:
  • Affordable prices.
  • High quality brands.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • A lot of free samples.
  • They give you 3 discount coupons when you register on their website.
  • Lots of ‘beauty steal’ deals are available on their website.
Also, there's an amazing opportunity for all of my fellow bloggers. I've joined Wishtrend's affiliation program and you can join it too. Click here for more information.
Please follow their media accounts to stay updated.
Well, I hope you like my post, I can't wait to try all of these amazing products. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

Until next time!

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