Hello everyone!

I'm back! I hope you guys are doing well. Firstly, I'd like to apologize for being inactive; I was busy with my exams so I couldn't update my blog. Well, no worries since I'm back and I have a brand new post for all of you. Winter season is almost here and I wanted to update my makeup stash so I went to Naheed Supermarket to look for a couple of new lipsticks. Etude's stall caught my eye. Let me get straight to the point; I found so many amazing shades with an affordable price tag. I got 2 lipsticks for PKR 700. I guess each one was of PKR 350. (I’m not sure about the prices since I don't have the bill with me)

I’ve stopped using the light shades and I prefer dark ones now so I chose these 2. The first one is maroon-ish red while the other one is orange with a bit of brown tone. I absolutely adore these colors and both of these are a part of my daily makeup routine.
Let’s talk about the pigmentation; I think these lipsticks are really pigmented and pretty good. They leave a stain on my lips even when they’re fully gone – in my option that’s the best thing about these lipsticks.  I don’t really like to re-do my makeup when I’m in university so yeah that’s definitely a plus point that I don’t have to reapply again and again. Etude is a well-known Korean brand and I feel like trying more products now. I’d recommend you to check more products from Etude and their lipsticks are a must-have so make sure you have at least one of them in your makeup collection.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more updates.
4.5/5 - (Recommended) 


  1. Love that red-ish shade :D Nice review :) And I would prefer u to try those etude lipstick which come in those cute pink colour packaging :) They are amazing and cost for 340 only :) I found them at agahz :)

    1. Oh great! I'll try ^-^
      Thank you so much <3

  2. Love the swatches .. nice review dear thanks for sharing :)

  3. Those lipstick are gorgeous! Such a deep colors! I am a huge fan of red lipsticks, every shade of red! Thank you for posting!


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