I just love to try different eyeliners from different makeup brands so I thought it’d be nice to try something new like Essence. I’ve never used a gel-eyeliner before so I was very excited when I purchased this one. This eyeliner is in black color (midnight in Paris 01) and to be very honest, I don’t like it at all. I bought it a couple of months ago so that I can give it a try but it failed to impress me although the packaging is very nice, it comes in a small container and looks pretty decent as you see in the pictures above. I genuinely felt like the quality of this eyeliner is pretty cheap since it ended up making my eyes red and watery. It might work for you but it didn’t work for me like this is my personal opinion. However, this eyeliner stays for hours and it doesn’t go off that easily which is a plus point. My eyes are quite sensitive so I won’t go for Essence again however I really want to try some of their nail paints and nail art products ^_^

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.


  1. Essence product are just a love, for the price we paid to get them. This eyeliner looks great. Hope they still have it in their stock.
    Kanwalikram's B

  2. Artikel yang bagus gan, produk yang sangat bagus yach untuk rekomendasi...
    Harga Sunblock bisa dijangkau dan menghilangkan jerawat dengan pure skin oriflame yang diproduksi dengan standar yang bagus oleh perusahaan oriflame....
    Selain produk tersebut Oriflame juga memproduksi Lipstik Matte yang sangat bagus untuk digunakan mempercantik penampilan sahabat lho...
    Terima Kasih atas artikelnya.....


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