The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands but their products are extremely expensive which is definitely a huge minus from me. However, I visited one of their outlets and decided to give TBS a try. 
Here’s what I got: 
1. Chocomania lip butter – PKR 850.00
2. Chocomania shower cream – PKR 1290.00
3. Chocomania body butter – PKR 1790.00
4. Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream – PKR 1790.00
I’ve spent PKR 5720 in total and you can easily get these products from any TBS outlet. I hope you like my post and please stay tuned for more! <3


  1. That's alot of chocolate :D I have used that body butter. It's so yummy!

    1. I'm a chocoholic ^.^
      + Yeah, the body butter is really very nice <3


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