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Some of my family members went to Japan for a couple of days and they brought me some makeup from there. The most amazing products that I got are these long lasting lipsticks by CEZANNE, I can’t’ say much about this brand because it’s Japanese and I haven’t tried it before. I’ve been using these lipsticks since a couple of days and they’re actually very nice. I must say that I am a big fan of Cezanne now.
ABOUT CEZANNE’S LONG LASTING LIPSTICKS:  (this is what I read on their official website)
Long lasting: Beautifies your lips with translucent color for a just-applied finish.
Non-dry: Retains moisture, protecting the lips from dryness and roughness.
Fragrance-free / Contains squalene and royal jelly extract (moisturizing ingredients).


Left: shade# 501, Right: shade#102

Left: shade# 501, Right: shade# 102


I’ve got 2 shades from Cezanne’s long lasting collection, the first one is 501 which is a bright orange and the other one is 102 which is a natural nude pink sort of shade. My lips are pretty much pigmented as compared to others so shade# 102 doesn’t show up even when I apply more than 2 layers on my lips. However, I am totally in love with both of the shades. They’re highly pigmented and last for more than 6 hours. These lipsticks will leave a little bit of tint on your lips even when they’re completely gone so that’s definitely a plus point from me. 


The quality of these lipsticks is incredible; the texture is extremely smooth and creamy and they’re fragrance-free. I usually prefer matte lipsticks but these little ones changed my mind so yeah I am happy with what I got. They come in a nice transparent packaging and the tube is of white color as you can see in the pictures. Apart from that, I am unable to understand the stuff written on the lipstick box since I can’t speak or understand Japanese.

I will definitely try more products from Cezanne. Also, I have no idea about the price of each lipstick since I got these as a present. I hope you like my post and let me know if you own any product from this makeup brand. 

CEZANNE’s official website:

Thank you so much for reading and see you later.


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    i love this orange shade screams spring..:)
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