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Sun is at its peak nowadays and sun block is a must-have to avoid tanning. Also, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer so beware!  I just can’t step out of home without wearing my sun block, I’ve tried different sun blocks but unfortunately, none of them worked for me. I am a skin care freak so I got worried when my dermatologist told me about how much sun has damaged my skin. Hence, it was compulsory for me to change my sun block; my dermatologist recommended a new sun block which is Coris dermatology spectrum max cream SPF 100. You get 40 ml for 850 PKR, but trust me, it’s worth buying. 

Let’s talk about the sun block I’ve been using before, I had Neutrogena’s sensitive skin sun block lotion SPF 30 and I am totally unsatisfied with this product, I’ve used it for a couple of months and to be very honest, it’s useless. It is not water resistant and you’ll have to re-apply it again and again if you’re a sweaty person like me. However, it doesn’t clog pores and its hypo allergic which is a plus point. I’d suggest going for matte finish sunscreens to avoid that greasy and sweaty face. The one I am using right now is semi-matte but what I do is that I apply my sun block and then I pat some transparent powder on my face so it becomes matte that way and my sun block stays for 6 to 7 hours. Apart from using a sun block, try to cover yourself while you’re out. I have this life-saving umbrella and I use it to cover my hands and face even when I am wearing a sun block. 

Here is some advice for you people:

  - Look for products that are labeled broad spectrum (UVA/UVB/UVC) with an SPF of 60 – 100.
  - Look for fragrance-free products.
  - Try to stay in shade when the sun is harshest.
  - Cover your body, face and hands with an umbrella or other skin protecting clothes. 

Last but not the least; buy a pack of cleansing wipes if you’re a student like me.  Dirty/greasy face can make you break out so clean your face and then re-apply the sun block if you’re planning to stay out for your projects/assignments. 

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Hey Farah! I go to KU too so I totally understand where this post is coming from :D I never tried Neutrogena's sunblock since nobody likes it. I went for Nivea's. It was good but my face was all white in winters and I had to use some foundation. No I have shifted to Garnier's BB Cream. Hope that helps you out a little in your sunblock hunt :) Stay blessed and a great blog!

    1. Hey Jaybee!
      Haha you're from my university (yaaay!) ^.^ I feel so good that you've commented on my blog - thank you so much! <3 :* Apart from that, let me know which version are you talking about because I have Garnier's BB cream but it didn't go nicely with my skin tone. O.o" I'll be posting my review soon.

    2. Aww you're welcome sweetie! <3 It's Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream

  2. oh wow just a few month back my dermatologist Najjia recommended me the same sunblock I've tried several expensive sunscreens but none worked for me. I am so excited to use it now since I have now got good reviews ...I actually didn't buy it with the fear that it would be the same like other sunscreens. THANKEW for this great review.

  3. Artikel yang bagus gan, semua produk oriflame sangat bagus yach...
    Harga Sunblock bisa dijangkau dan Cara menghilangkan jerawat dengan pure skin dari oriflame Diproduksi dengan standar yang bagus oleh perusahaan oriflame....
    Selain produk tersebut Oriflame juga memproduksi Lipstik Matte yang sangat bagus untuk digunakan mempercantik penampilan sahabat lho...
    Terima Kasih atas artikelnya.....


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