Here’s a brand new post for all of you! I was a bit busy since a couple of days. I've finished all of the pending work I had and now, I have plenty of time to update my blog. (Yaay! ^_^)

Coming to the lip balms, I am a big fan of Labello brand and their lip balms are worth buying. I've been using these since a couple of months and I must say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of this product. Few months back, I went to Naheed Supermarket to buy some of the beauty products and these little babies caught my eye while I was searching for a tinted lip balm. I purchased 2 lip balms from Labello’s fruity shine collection, the strawberry and the cherry one. They come in a nice handy packaging which looks cute to me; I always put one in my bag when I go to university. Who needs a gloss or a lipstick when you have a tinted lip balm? <3 However, I am not satisfied with the smell of this product – they have this UN-BEARABLE fragrance which bugs me off, the strawberry one is tolerable but the cherry one is not. Coming to the color payoff of this product, both of them are pretty same, you won’t be able to differentiate between strawberry and cherry, the strawberry one is slightly red as compared to the cherry one but both of them are almost similar. On the other hand, the formula is moisturizing but it won’t last on your lips for more than an hour but you can always re-apply it. All in all, these are really good if you’re not a lipstick person like me. You can buy these from Naheed Supermarket for 190 PKR. 

Swatch: Labello's fruity shine lip balm in Strawberry

Swatch: Labello's fruity shine lip balm in Cherry
My ratings: 4/5
Thank you so much for reading!

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