A pair of sandals from Stylo

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About Stylo:
From a rather humble beginning with one rented outlet in Lahore in 1974, to becoming the largest selling ladies’ shoes brand in Pakistan and the largest ladies shoes retail network in the country as well, Stylo Shoes has come a long way. Stylo is currently present in 40 cities with 93 outlets and plan on expanding further in the coming months. Over the years, Stylo has slowly but surely become a household name that has captured the imagination of women who consider footwear an essential part of their appearance. It is no wonder then that Stylo is, today, popularly acknowledged as one of Pakistan’s leading footwear and accessory brands in women’s fashion.

My story:
My sister (Falak) visited Stylo last month in order to purchase a couple of shoes from their newly launched summer collection! – She bought 2 pairs of shoes. I liked them so much and then I thought of purchasing a pair for me as well. Just to let you know, Stylo is offering the hottest sale, up to 51% off on a limited number of shoes/sandals but not on their new summer collection. However, I purchased a pair from their new collection. If you like it, you can purchase it for 1490 PKR from the nearest Stylo outlet. 

Have a look at these pictures:-

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