MINIONS … Need I say more? I ordered this USB drive last month and it finally came today so I just wanted to share my happy moment with all of you. I am totally satisfied with what I got and it looks so cute to me. I’ve purchased it from an online store so let me know if you need any details about it. Drop me an email or fill out the given form.

Tank yu and stay tuned for more!

The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands but their products are extremely expensive which is definitely a huge minus from me. However, I visited one of their outlets and decided to give TBS a try. 
Here’s what I got: 
1. Chocomania lip butter – PKR 850.00
2. Chocomania shower cream – PKR 1290.00
3. Chocomania body butter – PKR 1790.00
4. Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream – PKR 1790.00
I’ve spent PKR 5720 in total and you can easily get these products from any TBS outlet. I hope you like my post and please stay tuned for more! <3

October Haul

I was supposed to update my blog in October but I ended up being lazy and didn’t post so I am extremely sorry for that. Earlier in October, I visited Naheed Supermarket with my family and purchased a couple of products from there so here’s what I've got:-
1. Top Lady Cosmetics nail polish in shade 12 (Black) – PKR 95.00
2. Top Lady Cosmetics nail polish in shade 19 (White) – PKR 95.00
3. Glamorous Face speed dry nail enamel in shade 71 – PKR 80.00
4. Color Studio pro nail polish (Super top coat) – PKR 225.00
5. Neutrogena oil-free acne wash (Pink grapefruit) – PKR 700.00
6. Caresse fast acting nail polish remover – PKR 75.00
7. DMGM crayon kohl kajal eyeliner pencil in shade 19 (White lily) – PKR 375.00
8. Maybelline master drama kohl liner in (Ultra Black) – PKR 725.00
I hope you like my post and please stay tuned for more <3


CEZANNE's long lasting lipsticks

Some of my family members went to Japan for a couple of days and they brought me some makeup from there. The most amazing products that I got are these long lasting lipsticks by CEZANNE, I can’t’ say much about this brand because it’s Japanese and I haven’t tried it before. I’ve been using these lipsticks since a couple of days and they’re actually very nice. I must say that I am a big fan of Cezanne now.
ABOUT CEZANNE’S LONG LASTING LIPSTICKS:  (this is what I read on their official website)
Long lasting: Beautifies your lips with translucent color for a just-applied finish.
Non-dry: Retains moisture, protecting the lips from dryness and roughness.
Fragrance-free / Contains squalene and royal jelly extract (moisturizing ingredients).


Left: shade# 501, Right: shade#102

Left: shade# 501, Right: shade# 102


I’ve got 2 shades from Cezanne’s long lasting collection, the first one is 501 which is a bright orange and the other one is 102 which is a natural nude pink sort of shade. My lips are pretty much pigmented as compared to others so shade# 102 doesn’t show up even when I apply more than 2 layers on my lips. However, I am totally in love with both of the shades. They’re highly pigmented and last for more than 6 hours. These lipsticks will leave a little bit of tint on your lips even when they’re completely gone so that’s definitely a plus point from me. 


The quality of these lipsticks is incredible; the texture is extremely smooth and creamy and they’re fragrance-free. I usually prefer matte lipsticks but these little ones changed my mind so yeah I am happy with what I got. They come in a nice transparent packaging and the tube is of white color as you can see in the pictures. Apart from that, I am unable to understand the stuff written on the lipstick box since I can’t speak or understand Japanese.

I will definitely try more products from Cezanne. Also, I have no idea about the price of each lipstick since I got these as a present. I hope you like my post and let me know if you own any product from this makeup brand. 

CEZANNE’s official website:

Thank you so much for reading and see you later.

Rihanna's MAC collection

Rihanna is one of my favorite singers. I became so much excited when I heard about her own makeup collection by MAC. I found these pictures on - it's definitely my 2nd favorite beauty blog. RiRi hearts MAC collection for fall 2013 will be available soon. MAC is launching these limited-edition products in North America I believe. I wish I could get my hands on these little babies. I will definitely ask my brother (who lives in Canada) to get these products for me.

Have a look at these GORGEOUS products:-

Pictures source:
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. :)


Picture source:, Edited by: Farah Zaki


Sun is at its peak nowadays and sun block is a must-have to avoid tanning. Also, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer so beware!  I just can’t step out of home without wearing my sun block, I’ve tried different sun blocks but unfortunately, none of them worked for me. I am a skin care freak so I got worried when my dermatologist told me about how much sun has damaged my skin. Hence, it was compulsory for me to change my sun block; my dermatologist recommended a new sun block which is Coris dermatology spectrum max cream SPF 100. You get 40 ml for 850 PKR, but trust me, it’s worth buying. 

Let’s talk about the sun block I’ve been using before, I had Neutrogena’s sensitive skin sun block lotion SPF 30 and I am totally unsatisfied with this product, I’ve used it for a couple of months and to be very honest, it’s useless. It is not water resistant and you’ll have to re-apply it again and again if you’re a sweaty person like me. However, it doesn’t clog pores and its hypo allergic which is a plus point. I’d suggest going for matte finish sunscreens to avoid that greasy and sweaty face. The one I am using right now is semi-matte but what I do is that I apply my sun block and then I pat some transparent powder on my face so it becomes matte that way and my sun block stays for 6 to 7 hours. Apart from using a sun block, try to cover yourself while you’re out. I have this life-saving umbrella and I use it to cover my hands and face even when I am wearing a sun block. 

Here is some advice for you people:

  - Look for products that are labeled broad spectrum (UVA/UVB/UVC) with an SPF of 60 – 100.
  - Look for fragrance-free products.
  - Try to stay in shade when the sun is harshest.
  - Cover your body, face and hands with an umbrella or other skin protecting clothes. 

Last but not the least; buy a pack of cleansing wipes if you’re a student like me.  Dirty/greasy face can make you break out so clean your face and then re-apply the sun block if you’re planning to stay out for your projects/assignments. 

Thank you for reading! :)

Sorry ^_^

I am really sorry for the lack of posting. I’ve been busy since Ramadan and I didn’t have time to update this blog, so Eid Mubarak to all of you, I hope you guys had a great time and I apologize for wishing you all a bit late. I am happy to see 719 page views, thank you so much for visiting my blog. From now onwards, I will post on every Friday, be sure to be on the lookout for new posts from me. 

 Thanks for reading! :)

Some of my favorites!

Here's a list of some of my favorite products:-

1. St. Ives apricot scrub
2. Garnier fructis bamboo flexihold hairspray  ( 3 - strong)
3. Toni & guy protein protection mist

I took these pictures via my phone! :)


I went to Naheed Supermarket with my family and I have finally purchased a couple of items which I have been planning to buy since so long.
I've purchased the following items:-

- Mac 12 pieces makeup brush set
- Nivea refreshing cleansing milk
- Clean & Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub
- Color Studio color rush lipstick - (Bomb shell)
- Essence gel eyeliner - (Midnight in Paris 01) 

Hope you liked my post. See you next time and thank you so much for visiting my blog! ^_^


Here’s a brand new post for all of you! I was a bit busy since a couple of days. I've finished all of the pending work I had and now, I have plenty of time to update my blog. (Yaay! ^_^)

Coming to the lip balms, I am a big fan of Labello brand and their lip balms are worth buying. I've been using these since a couple of months and I must say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of this product. Few months back, I went to Naheed Supermarket to buy some of the beauty products and these little babies caught my eye while I was searching for a tinted lip balm. I purchased 2 lip balms from Labello’s fruity shine collection, the strawberry and the cherry one. They come in a nice handy packaging which looks cute to me; I always put one in my bag when I go to university. Who needs a gloss or a lipstick when you have a tinted lip balm? <3 However, I am not satisfied with the smell of this product – they have this UN-BEARABLE fragrance which bugs me off, the strawberry one is tolerable but the cherry one is not. Coming to the color payoff of this product, both of them are pretty same, you won’t be able to differentiate between strawberry and cherry, the strawberry one is slightly red as compared to the cherry one but both of them are almost similar. On the other hand, the formula is moisturizing but it won’t last on your lips for more than an hour but you can always re-apply it. All in all, these are really good if you’re not a lipstick person like me. You can buy these from Naheed Supermarket for 190 PKR. 

Swatch: Labello's fruity shine lip balm in Strawberry

Swatch: Labello's fruity shine lip balm in Cherry
My ratings: 4/5
Thank you so much for reading!

A pair of sandals from Stylo

Hello to everyone!

About Stylo:
From a rather humble beginning with one rented outlet in Lahore in 1974, to becoming the largest selling ladies’ shoes brand in Pakistan and the largest ladies shoes retail network in the country as well, Stylo Shoes has come a long way. Stylo is currently present in 40 cities with 93 outlets and plan on expanding further in the coming months. Over the years, Stylo has slowly but surely become a household name that has captured the imagination of women who consider footwear an essential part of their appearance. It is no wonder then that Stylo is, today, popularly acknowledged as one of Pakistan’s leading footwear and accessory brands in women’s fashion.

My story:
My sister (Falak) visited Stylo last month in order to purchase a couple of shoes from their newly launched summer collection! – She bought 2 pairs of shoes. I liked them so much and then I thought of purchasing a pair for me as well. Just to let you know, Stylo is offering the hottest sale, up to 51% off on a limited number of shoes/sandals but not on their new summer collection. However, I purchased a pair from their new collection. If you like it, you can purchase it for 1490 PKR from the nearest Stylo outlet. 

Have a look at these pictures:-

Thanks for reading! :)

Jewelry Haul: Kashmiri earrings

My sister went to Islamabad to spend some quality time with her husband. She returned after a couple of days and brought me these amazing Kashmiri earrings. I am not really a fan of heavy earrings and stuff but I have no qualms in adding them to my jewelry collection. Coming to the earrings, I find these extremely pretty but a bit heavy to wear on casual dresses.

Have a look at these pictures:

Thanks for reading! :)


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