Makeup Revolution No Photos Please Palette Review & Swatches

I am not certain if you are aware or not but Makeup Revolution manufactures all sorts of beauty products. They have a phenomenal range of eyeshadow palettes, and most of them are extremely economical. I have not tried this brand before, but my sister once bought a blusher palette, and it worked really well for her. I adore the fact that most of the drugstore brands make inexpensive products; not all people can invest in luxurious items.

Nando's Espetada Carnival

I could not compose any blog posts this past month as I was pretty occupied. However, I did post a video on my YouTube channel. Nevertheless, my friend recently invited me to a meetup arranged by Nando's Pakistan. I have always loved Nando's Peri-Peri bites, and have even tried to replicate them at home.

Elmore's Purifying and Cooling Face Washes

Elmore contacted me last month and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their latest launches. I had to review these products this past week but could not as I was unwell. Please bear in mind that I have not tried this brand before, but I am well aware that most of their products are pretty economical. You could get a decent face wash in PKR 200. I tried the purifying face wash yesterday, and it cleaned my face pretty well; my skin felt hydrated and soft after the very first application. It comes in a gel form, and you only need a small dollop to cover your entire face. Please be aware that it soaks all the moisture as it's for oily skin.

Review: Garnier's Hydra Bomb Masks

A lot of things went bad these past days, and I had no option but to accept them. I was utterly distressed throughout the month. I adore reading books but could not start a new one as I was emotionally unstable. Anyway, you must be aware of the fact that skincare products are a bit expensive, but I was pretty astonished when I came across Garnier's Hydra Bomb sheet masks. I'm a humongous fan of skincare products, and I already own quite a lot of sheet masks as they work well and are pretty inexpensive. However, I was pretty sceptical as I have oily skin and moisturisers or hydrating serums do not work well for me; I get zits all over my face. 

OPI Infinite Shine Collection

Most of you must be aware of the fact that I absolutely adore OPI and have already swatched quite a few colours on my Instagram. I discovered OPI a few years ago and have never looked back since then. I'm well aware that lasses often invest in inexpensive nail products without even assuming the consequences of donning hazardous chemicals. Nails are pretty delicate, and one must always use well-known products as not all are reliable. I once bought a cheap nail enamel as I had to rush somewhere and it infected my nail bed so badly. Nevertheless, I am pleased to state that OPI manufactures a phenomenal range of products, and I have personally tried quite a lot of them. I love the fact that all of their nail enamels are highly pigmented and long lasting.

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